Beyer’s Oil
Beard & Hair Pomade

Basti Beyer is a true Bavarian man image (“Bayerisches Mannsbild”). A full-bearded Upper Bavarian from the Chiemgau, a dad and a maker the way we like them: One man, one idea and lots of energy, dedication and persistence.

The Product. Beyer’s Oil smells extremely well. A citric and fresh odour when you screw the lid open meets your nostrils. And when you rub it into your beard or hair it is an experience a man might look forward to every morning. It holds hair, facial and on the head alike, so it is beard care as much as it is a hair wax or pomade. The smell is explained by the ingredients: lemon verbena, bergamotte and bees’ and wool wax. 100% natural and from local sources, mainly in Bavaria. Since it is meant to “hold” it also sticks, so reserve a towel in your bath to rub it off you fingers after applying it to your head.

The Brand. All Beyer’s Oil beard care products are simple but good quality with only modest line extensions, a direct sales approach and the ability to reproduce the exact quality and delivery. Basti is a social media omnipresent guy and brand who’s presents fails to get on our nerves. The contrary is true, the humorous portrait of the brand’s owner is a lived philosophy explaining his passion and reliability. The laughing bearded owner Bastian Beyer is on the label of each of his beard care products.

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