Blaumann Jeanshosen are the first denims produced in Germany again after a once strong industry vanished completely in the 1970ies and 80ies. The fabric for Blaumann Jeanshosen is made in Japan bacause it is the best denim in the World. All other components and the production are made in Germany.

The Product. Blaumann Jeanshosen are true selvedge denim in the way that their fabric is woven on narrow looms in Japan. All other components like rivets, threats and leather labels are sourced in Germany. Also the sewing is done in Germany. They come in blue. It is only the original indigo dying that dictates the tone of blue. There is no extra dying, sand blasting, scratching or any other form of embellishing! The only thing that turns this brand new, somewhat heavy and sturdy denim into a true vintage denim is the movement of the wearer and the frequency in which they are washed. Since there are no additives in the fabric, they shrink. This is why selvedge denim is usually worn with the leg ends folded up. When the legs get shorter the fold is opened. A white ring where the fold once was is no reason for a complaint.

The Brand. Blaumann Jeanshosen were founded in 2013 and have established themselves with a slow but healthy progress in the number they turn around. Their shirts and vests are worth looking at, too. One major motivation for the founders to start Blaumann Jeanshosen were the dubious production methods in Far East Asian and African countries; on the relatively small scale Blaumann operates, fairness can only be provided locally. Besides, the attribute Made-in-Germany suits denim well as a unique selling preposition as their success tells.

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