C Series Marble
by GANTlights

Architectural interior lights made in an old bakery in Berlin-Rixdorf.

The Product. Gantlights are truly manufactured product. Actually are true Berliners. The stone and concrete bodies are made in Berlin-Lichtenberg and the metalwork is done in Berlin-Wedding – However there is no marble mining in Berlin, unfortunately. The product we picked, the pendulum light is made of stylish marble “Verde Guatemala”, which interesting enough is sourced in Rajasthan, India or of the typical white marble from Carrara, Italy. We prefer the combination with copper finish, … but hey!

The Brand. Stefan Gant is a studied architect. His studio and showroom, established in 2012 bears witness to his interior design taste and craftsman skills. Being a former bakery the space is light and open. So is the door. Stefan is likely to be present and ‘in’ for a conversation. He will tell you that it matters a lot to Gantlight that his products are done with a minimal ecological footprint, but more likely lets you look and feel the aesthetics. The brand’s philosophy could be decribed as combining contrating materials in a minimalistic design approach that add subtly to the character of spaces.

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