Italian Shirts
by 36061 ZIPCODE

Shirts with exceptional tailoring quality from Bassano.

Personal note: Makers Bible has a thing going for Bassano del Grappa in Veneto. The mercantile history of the Republic of Venice is somehow embedded in the DNA of Veneto’s inhabitants. Look at Italian brands of international reputation and exceptional quality and you are likely to find them located in Veneto. Makers Bible has often visited the town of Bassano and introduced some it’s makers in our books. So today we present ZIPcode 36061 from Bassano.

The Product. Italian shirts are generally of exceptional tailoring quality. Italians just know how to do it! ZIPcode36061 shirts are packed exceptionally nice, too. Once the package is open and your fingers touch the cloth you want to wear them immediately. Being tailored in Bassono entirely the fabrics come from Italy and from Japan. Every shirt is pre-washed and hence does not change its character after the first acquaintance with the washing machine. Even though in their first season the collection is already large.

The Brand. Now a new brand has risen. Practically named by the town’s “ZIPcode36061” the shirts are hand-made by traditional tailor company and shirt maker Borsa (“borsa camicie bassano italia”) with all their experience and traditional craftsman’s skills. Denim and men’s fashion experts Mario Bonamigo and Mauro Zanchetta initiated the brand ZIPcode36061. These shirts are meant to become your companion through life since they are totally wearable in a casual as well as in a business context. The brand imagery, colors, patterns and cuts are inspired by the American West as much as by work wear.

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