Pure apple delight for gourmets
by Kohl Bergapfelsaft

The Product. How do apples do so well at a height of almost 1,000 metres?

Apples, found to grow naturally down in valleys, have taken to ascending the mountain slopes of the Ritten in South Tyrol. Thomas Kohl’s bold step of planting various apple varieties at orchards upwards near 1.000 metres in elevation has produced this delicious mountain climbing fruit. These “mountain apples” benefit from the more intensive sunshine and the cool winds found at this height and every apple is given the time it needs to mature before being picked by hand.

Since each apple variety develops its own specific aroma, color and taste, it seemed only natural to do what vintners do and harvest and press them separately, bottling them in elegant bottles. As a result, this South Tyrolean apple grower has turned a simple everyday drink into something special. Such a noble beverage is not to be simply quaffed as a thirst-quencher. It is there to be enjoyed – nicely chilled at between 8 and 12° C – and savoured in elegant stemware.

All the ingredients are processed at optimum maturity and are of the very best quality. The juices are carefully pasteurized for storage, but they contain no preservatives or other additives including sugar. They are not filtered and they also carry the Vegan label. All steps in the production process are 100% transparent. Apple juice is a good alternative to alcohol, especially as a companion to meals.

The Brand. Ambition and the constant desire to create something new are the driving force for the mountain apple juice refiner. Kohl skillfully combines mountain apple juices with congenial partners like pear, apricot, carrot, elderberry, blackcurrant, peach, raspberry or lingonberry or extracts of exciting aromas like elderflower and apple mint – for a continual offering of new and healthy taste experiences. As a special highlight, he also produces limited edition Grand Cru juices made from old apple varieties and marketed exclusively in big magnum bottles. Good restaurants in Europe now even offer tasting menus based on food pairings with Kohl’s juices.

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