Mezcal Atenco

Admittedly, we saw the label and knew that the stuff inside would be above average, when we saw the photos how it was made we knew it would be something special. And then we tasted it …. editor’s pick No. 1: Mezcal Atenco – Pechuga

The Product. Mezcal Atenco Pechuga is a 100% natural, organic triple distilled Mezcal (the Espadin is the double distilled version), fermented using pure spring water from the mountains high above the village of San Juan del Río, Oaxaca state, Mexico. The agave plants that are the source for Mezcal are allowed to grow for eight years. After harvest they are crushed in a stone mill, cooked in an earth oven, covered with banana leafs and then fermentation creates the typical mild flavour. Only spring water from the 1500M above sea level plateau is added.

The Brand. This superior agave-based spirit was a local drink, solely distributed in the state of Oaxaca by Maker Don Rodolfo. He knew that his family recipe was superior to most other mezcals, hence the local success. In 2013 Diego Morena, Mexican living in Berlin was the first man negotiating an export deal. Photographer Fer Arce’s pictures bear witness of the sweat driving task of harvest and production. Una tostada, to Don Rodolfo, Diego & Fer!

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Photographer Mexico: Fer Arce
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