Model 215 Army T-shirt
by Merz b. Schwanen

Finest Cotton working-class shirts made again on the Swabian Alp

The Product. This model 215 Army t-shirt by Merz b. Schwanen comes in a few different colors and lack a lateral seam. The ink-blue t-shirt is dyed with real indigo once the shirt is finally produced in white. Therefore the color is quite cloudy and each shirt a unique piece. Like many hand-crafted indigo dyed pieces like denim pants, denim shirts -or this one, it is recommended to wash with even colors since a slight bleaching is probable. Again a product that gains individuality time by time it is worn and washed

The Brand. Merz beim Schwanen was originally founded by Balthazar Merz in 1911. Globalization had finally ended the success of this family run business in the 21st century. Almost by coincidence and by curiosity of trade Peter Plotnicki, designer and men’s tailor discovered a vintage Merz b. Schwanen shirt on a flea market. This triggered a research that led him to discover the origin of those shirts on the Swabian Alp. There, forgotten by the rest of the world, giant authentic circular knitting machines awaited their second chance. Couple Gitta and Peter Plotnicki re-registered the trade mark and are now quite successful producers of circular knitted t- and long-sleeve shirts revitalizing vintage cuts but also innovating new products. Craft never stands still!

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