Pickled Vegetables
by Staud´s Vienna

The Sour stuff from Vienna – trick and treat

The Product. Pepperoni, pickled gurken, aspargus, beetroot: It is an old tradition to pickle stuff and conserve it. Conservation and the more tasteful ‘pickeling’ is centuries old and yet so trendy.

It is an old tradition to pickle and preserve vegetables. Preserving means preserving something fresh at harvest time in summer and having enough in winter. Since fresh vegetables are available at any time of year, preserving has receded into the background. In the sense of ‘Alpine cuisine’ and, if necessary, the intention of the Alpine cook to bring only regional dishes to the table, it is the only alternative. Top chefs such as Magnus Nilesson really cultivated the preserves, introduced them to top cuisine and prefer them to CO2-critical products. In addition, it is an excellent companion to hot alcohol, which will be confirmed to you, dear reader by every Russian.


The Brand. Staud´s Vienna is a true manu. It became famous for its jams and for sweet delicacies. Pickeling fruits and veg has also become an asset. The raw materials for the sweet jams and for the sour pickles alike come preferably from regional cultivation in Austria. They are prepared by hand and brought fresh and directly into the glass at the best degree of ripeness. This ensures that the various sour cucumber, pepperoni and asparagus specialities remain particularly crisp. The spice mixtures with onions, tarragon, dill and paprika are made with fresh spices, tasted again and again and refined adapted according to the current harvest situation. Staud’s not only responds to the customer’s wishes, but also to the product’s needs.

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