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Makers Bible / Beetroot & Steel (ebook)


A manifesto for quality, passion and craftsmanship, published by Melville Brand Design.

Nothing brings people closer together than gathering around a proper fire to share and enjoy the ‘breaking-of-bread’. The brands in this book tailor to ambitious hobby chefs and hosts.This second edition of the Makers Bible is about brands and makers who are passionate about good food and creating special moments in good company. You will find brands and products ranging from kitchens, essential household appliances, utensils, accessories, table wear, BBQs, goods for open fire cooking, to foods and drinks that are hand-made. Makers Bible also provides an online store finder to help you on your own quest to locate the products featured in this book.

prize: 9,90 (incl. 7% VAT)
ebook – file format: pdf (the iPad is just for visualisation –
it is not included)
download will be available for 20 days after purchase
352 pages, english